Welcome to the first episode of They’re Just Words, a podcast for writers about writing. I am your host, Greg Haley, and each week I will be reading the latest draft of my new novel, Stranger on the Mound, and discussing the process, problems, and decisions I make as a writer in the development of my story.

I am going to read this work in its un-edited, raw form as I create it every week, which is a challenge for me as a writer because it tends to highlight the roughness of its edges like over-writing, plot discrepencies, dialogue errors, and other little mistakes that every writer makes in the process of creating a new story. I think this is important for new and aspiring writers to hear and understand because new writers often think they have to create something perfect right from the beginning, and this gets in the way of doing the work of writing every day. Don’t let words get in the way of a good story. Remember, They’re Just Words. You can edit them later.


I hope you find this project interesting and entertaining, and I welcome you to join us each week for the latest adventures of our heroes. Without further ado, let’s get started.


This new novel is a fantasy/mystery cross-genre tale of a lone traveler who happens upon the mutilated body of the local Sheriff on a rainy mountain road in a modern day Oregon valley.

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